Simple SSH over Back To My Mac

December 3, 2010
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If you use Back To My Mac, and often ssh to your machines, you can save a lot of typing by adding the following to your ~/.ssh/config file[1]:

Host *.«account»
ProxyCommand /usr/bin/nc -6 "%h" %p

From that point on, you can ssh to your machines with:

ssh «machine».«account»

For instance, I have a machine called “ccox-imac”, and I can ssh to it with:

ssh ccox-imac.clarkcox3

And this also works with anything that sits atop of ssh, such as

  • git – git clone ccox-imac.clarkcox3:/somerepo.git
  • svn – svn co svn+ssh://ccox-imac.clarkcox3/somesvnrepo
  • bbedit – bbedit sftp://ccox-imac.clarkcox3//etc/sshd_config
  1. where «account» is your MobileMe account name []